The Early Years
By Emmett Eon

This album is a compilation of some of my old music and wips (work in progress) totalling over 2 hours. There are 3 DJ Mixes at the end of the album, each featuring a collection of wips that have been extended for mixing. And while there are songs on this album that I don't particularly like anymore, I feel that they should be included because they were once something I was proud of and are a part of LimedValley history.

Some notes about some tracks: "Chiptune Mini Mix" is a small collection of chiptune-esque songs. I kept adding random audio scribbles to it over the course of a year. "Grunge Mix" Is meant to be a bunch of loud and lazy music and is not related to "guitar grunge" in any way. Roswell rave was made for this mix but I liked it enough as a standalone track which is why it appears twice on this album.

released December 25, 2017