Heya- I'm Emmett Eon, I make stuff!

Welcome to my homepage, Here you can
(eventually) find all the various
projects I've worked on throughout
the years.

As always, This website is still
very much a work in progress,
so not everything has been
finished yet.

Music Artwork + Design Discord Server Ref Sheets (coming soon)

11th April, 2023:

Huge site update, at least mostly on the technical side.

Now that I've learned how to better use html and css I've cleaned up a lot of stuff and made things easier to update. The most noticeable one is now all the art pages don't load weird anymore!

Every art page used to be embedded in an iframe and some JavaScript would resize the page once the iframe had loaded. The main issue with that was any big pages would take a while to load and it would look broken while waiting, and it was also an unnecessary use of js.

I did it that way to make updating the site easier as I would only need to update a single page, but that didn't really pan out and now I use a script to update all the art pages instead.

In other news, I've done away with the rss feed. It's too much work to keep updated and I'm pretty sure no one would use it, just not worth the hassle.

The Discord Server is finally live! I wanted to host a phpbb forum instead but my bf wanted a discord server for his art community and I've been asked for one a few times so we decided to make a joint community server. It just didn't really make sense to host both a discord server and a forum as one would hurt the engagement of the other significantly.

And aside from changing the theme a bit here and there, there isn't much else to report. It was mostly just a complete rewrite of everything. Will be focusing more on posting content from here onwards



23rd March, 2023:

Marduke - LOST TRAX EP// is now available for download over at Limedvalley.com!


11th March, 2023:

Volume 1 of my 2023 dailies project is now available for download over at Limedvalley.com!

For those who have missed it, I am currently making a new track every single day over on my YouTube channel.


11th November, 2022:

Another new music release over at Limedvalley!


27th October, 2022:

New EP release, check it out over at Limedvalley!


18th October, 2022:

Local dragon decided to stop being lazy and finally make a website!

Been meaning to make a personal website for almost an entire decade, better late than never, And there is still much work left to do.

The Archive is one of those things, I'll be slowly working on it and adding to it for quite a while, as sorting through all my old projects and making it all presentable is a LOT of work.

The forums are also not done yet, but I hope to get that up pretty soon as I want to use it for lots of miscellaneous things such as misc tech projects and convention pics.

I doubt I'll get much activity there as everyone is either on discord or twitter these days, but I still want to try and get some of that sense of old internet community back.

Not really sure what else to say at this time, I hope you enjoy at least some of the things I've made here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Latest Music Release:
Marduke - LOST TRAX EP//

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