Misc Works (2020-2021)
By Emmett Eon

Check out the animated version of the cover on youtube

Started as a "Dailies" project to get back into shape in terms of music making, obviously I didn't stick to it for long but I kept doing scribbles whenever time would allow.

This is a compilation covering the last 2 years of sketches, there is some good things, some meh things, but I think everything on here is something that I like in some way or another, as I don't ever save a project file if I'm just not vibing with it.

I haven't released an album since 2019, and now that im more or less back into music making, I think its time to move on from this project and focus on other projects. My hope is that I will be able to release a couple albums this year, I have about 4 unfinished albums in the works currently, and I want to finally finish those and get them out there.

Admittedly the output is all over the place here, there are many gaps in the dates and such, as I moved house 5(!) times over the past 2 years, it has been really difficult to make stuff when I have to keep tearing apart my studio and then move everything over long distances (3 of those moves were interstate)

Closing thoughts, please don't feel guilty about putting $0 in the box thingy, I'd rather people just enjoy my music and even share it around rather than profit off any of it, the world has gotten so much louder in recent years about monetizing every aspect of our lives, everything has to be a hussle, art is pointless if you're not using it as an investment? I'm just not for any of that shit. Art is an expression, an extention of ourselves, at this point I doubt I'm ever going to release a non free album, always pwyw (2023 update: free downloads have been moved to pinkderg.art/music, everything will continue to be released for free there)

released January 28, 2022